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Christmas Is coming, the goose is getting fat!

Christmas is hurtling towards us, we are hosting a christmas party in Stokesley town Hall

Why Stokesley, when I have lots of classes in Northallerton and Thirsk?

Well, its a combined FuZed Fitness party, between Alex and I, we have clients from Loftus, Saltburn, all the way to Ripon!

We live nearby, and the Town hall is our local venue, we have had parties there for quite a few years, and all have been great nights.

This year, we want to celebrate with YOU!

Friday 10th December, 7.30 pm, we have a band, doing hits form the 60s to present time, a disco, playing an all request playlist, food, from TJs in Stokesley (YUM) and awards celebrating people we feel need acknowledging. Its the Oscars but better.

More than anything, we would love you to join us. a car share, or a minbus between a few of you will be economical, and I promise you a great evening.

We can,t please everyone, but hopefully we do a good job trying.

We need bookings and scroll to the Christmas Shindig, to book your ticket.

There is no show with out you all. And you get to see me in a dress!

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