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Hi lovely people.

We are 3 weeks in and hope you are all OK. Classes continue to be a lifeline to many, and the actual being able to "see" people on Zoom.

On Thursday I held a wellness hour, we had my friend Anita come on board and deliver a temple spa wellness session and chat. We had a lovely facial, and some relaxation. It is her business but I stressed that this wasn't a sales party, merely a chance for us to chill. Lovely feedback and a couple of glitches to iron out but it went very well. We are hoping to host another one soon.
In other news, a new addition to th website is the member area. This is available to those who subscribe to 3 or more live classes per week, and has access to Toning, Gold and Zumba from Thursday to Sunday at no extra cost.
As my NHS critical care job has increased hours and the need to give more to my role, it may be that I need to switch to a online at short notice if I am called in, but this is now a wonderful opportunity to use the website and not miss a session.
Hopefully, I won't need to, as these classes are as much therapy and distraction to me as they are to you.
Watch out for new additions coming soon including dedicated chair based sessions, resistance band sessions and Zumba Toning to complement our existing classes
Stay safe and well


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