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A little update from me..(download the app on your mobile rather than computer)

So an update on the last 4 weeks...been a bit manic..

We raised over 10.000 meals for the food banks as a collective group of instructors and clients. Unbelievable. Thanks for joining in with Community fitness week fitness for food.

Then we went and won North and Midland Community fitness team FuZed Fitness, my business with Alex. Such an honour.

Then we were facing the news of a national many of you know I am a senior Practitioner in critical care at James is something I welcome at the moment as our workload becomes more and more difficult and heartbreaking.

But fear not, Zoom classes and the website sessions are staying put to help us all through the dark nights and long days. It is amazing the support you have given all through this and embraced a new way of getting active and keeping fit.


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